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McKinney Texas Weather

McKinney experiences weather similar to the rest of North Texas - hot and dry in the Summer, cold in the Winter (with occasional snow or sleet), and mild temperatures with some storms in the Spring and Fall. McKinney is located in "Tornado Alley", however, tornado occurrences are relatively rare (less than one per year in all of Collin County).

Other McKinney weather stats:

Average Daily High is 77 degrees
Average Daily Low is 55 degrees
Average Mean varies from 44 degrees in January to 86 degrees in July

Highest Recorded Temperature was 113 degrees in June, 1980
 Recorded Temperature was -8 degrees in February, 1899
Average Rainfall
 is 29.46 inches per year
May is the Wettest Month (4.27 inches)
January is the Driest Month (1.65 inches)

Historic Weather Data
Current Weather Data

McKinney Texas Snow
Yes it does snow in McKinney!

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